Pain Is Overbearing But…

Pain can truly be overbearing. Many try to escape it just to run into it again. After a few tries, a few different roads and a few different approaches to escaping pain become an illusion. Most people just want to be happy. To experience this euphoria for the first time or for one more time is all some desire.

I do not believe that anyone truly believes that their life or life, in general, is going to be without some level of pain and disappointment. BUT, people do desire to enjoy their lives with its ups and downs. (Hopefully more ups and downs). Life is like that crooked card dealer you have to outsmart to have a chance. Everyone doesn't receive equal in life.

Experience varies.

I have experienced more hurt than anything good or pleasurable in life. That pain, the chronic experience of dark valleys have had a tamper on my entire outlook. Trust me, I started off not believing to believing, and back to not believing that life would ever be more than what it has been. It's 2022. In the past, I would allow every disappointment to cause me to crumble into a hole in my mind. BUT now, every time life gives me lemons I’m going to make orange juice, grape juice, and any other juice or combination I want. I'm not waiting for good. For some good faith. Not even for a miracle. I am going to get what I deserve. Now, I never truly waited for good to happen to me. I've always been a go-getter but I expected it. Now, I no longer expect it. Whatever I put my hands to do and place my mind towards I will experience. There are things I want out of this year. Life has given a many of us its middle finger and toes. It's up to us whether or not we choose to look in that direction anymore.

2022 won't give you anything. Go get what you want and learn to smile while you do it.



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